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Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014

I’m counting on you, Mr. Bergen.

The HSW Literary Agency is no more. I remember feeling the thrill of being accepted by the agency, sure that literary fame or at least a book sale was sure to follow. It didn’t and now the agency itself doesn’t exist. But I am an optimist. You have to be that or deluded to persevere in the arts and, of course, I’m not deluded. As an optimist I am again undertaking the Humber School of Writers correspondence program come January (even though there is no more the possible prize of HSW agency representation at the end). This time I will be working on my third novel, The Sweet Breath of Time, with David Bergen, author of the Giller prize-winning novel, The Time In Between. Yay. Having so enjoyed the program and having gotten so much out of it the last two times, I’m quite excited. Fingers crossed the journey is a good one.