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Doing it for Yourself

Monday, June 8th, 2015

The LowI have slowly overcome a prejudice against self-published work.  Like many, I used to the think of publishers, if not as purveyors of quality goods, at least as gatekeepers, shielding me from the worst of typos and clichés.  Silly me.  One need look no further than the Fifty Shade franchise to know better. (This condemnation, I note, is based on a reading of an excerpt.  I read no further.  Not because of the embarrassment factor – I do after all have an e-reader – but because I was cringing too much from the bad writing.)  My actual experience with self-published books runs the gamut over the three books I’ve read from ‘couldn’t finish’, ‘OK’, and ‘I really enjoyed that’.  But all this prejudice was ill-founded right from the start.  Back in the day when I was young and still went out, two favourite bands were The Lowest of the Low* and The Watchmen**.  Both terrific with big local followings but they never managed to break into the ‘big times’ for reasons that can nothing to do with talent.  Luckily, though, self-publishing had already hit the music scene and I can still enjoy their music today.  So keep at it, people – someone out there appreciates you.

* Wikipedia notes, “Their most successful album, Shakespeare My Butt, was later named one of the ten greatest albums in Canadian music history in three successive reader polls by the music magazine Chart.”

** Wikipedia notes, “During their peak years the band had three gold records (McLaren Furnace Room, Silent Radar, and Slomotion) and one platinum record (In The Trees).”