Words to Live By

m and mThere was a time when we were told an item was finger linkin’ good or good to the last drop, or made us wonder does she or doesn’t she, but no matter what it melted in our mouths and not in our hands.  But all that changed when we were told not just what to eat or to wear, or to colour our hair, but also to just do it, and suddenly we had a place to turn.  There were no more need to wonder how to live our lives.  We were told on billboards across the nation, on t-shirts, and if that passed us by, there was always the video with the accompanying inspirational music.   The impossible was nothing.  We just had to think. different, while obeying our thirst.  To be our own Champion, do more and challenge everything.  Maybe became Maybe because what’s the worst that can happen?  With all this live dangerously, my friend, I’m just glad that Triumph still has the bra for the way I am.

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