Kowalski in Space

I saw Gravity the other night – an intense visual onslaught of claustrophobic space – space suits, spacemarlon brando stations – in wide, open, not-as-empty-as-you-would-like space.  Good thing I exercise, otherwise I’m not sure my heart could handle movies like this.  The movie does, however, contain some real clunkers.  George Clooney is wise-cracking mission commander Matt Kowalski.  What is it with that name?  It’s not only the go to Polish name but the go to European one.  Particularly if the character is wise-cracking.  IMDb reports its use in about 50 films, including Gran Torino, The Penguins of Madagascar, and, of course, the one that perhaps started them all, A Street Car Named Desire (although Marlon Brando was more brooding than wise-cracking).  Sandra Bullock meanwhile goes by a man’s name.  Perhaps to reinforce she has balls; although she’s no Ripley (whether she’s wearing Sigourney Weaver’s underwear is, however, up for debate).  The demon that haunts her is the usual dead kid (I’ve given nothing away here).  But, well, who cares.  The movie is a testament to high-action visuals.

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