Yay for Alice!

alicemunro bookI’m so, so pleased that one of my all-time favourite writers, Alice Munro, has won the Nobel Prize.  Lots, of course, has been written in the last week about her and writing.  How she makes the ordinary, extraordinary; how she captures the essentially human; how she takes what seems to be mundane and reveals its hidden drama; how she is surprisingly funny (not sure why this should be surprising); how her writing is beautifully spare; how she has gobsmacking plot-twists that make perfect sense; and how she manages to do all this in 8000 words (or so).  All of this is so, so true.  There is so much more to add to that list, but I will only add one.  A personal one.  When I was once going through a particularly rough juncture in my life, I would comfort myself by saying, “it’ll end up being like an Alice Munro short story”.  Munro is exceptional at capturing the person years after the trauma has passed.  The impact clear but so woven into the fabric of everything that made that person who they are that they simply wouldn’t be themselves without that experience.  And most people want to be themselves.

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