In Praise of Writing Retreats

The view from my "writing" room

The view from my “writing” room

Last weekend I had the good fortune to be in a beautiful but isolated place with lots of time on my hands.  I can’t remember when I last got so much writing done.  I like to think I’m fairly disciplined and focussed person (although less and less so) but it’s amazing how much easier it is to be disciplined when not faced with distractions.  I wasn’t even all that tempted by my book – Saturday by Ian McEwan – which, while very enjoyable, is not an easy read.  Writing my book in comparison could even be considered a break.  So if a writing retreat – you know, the formal kind with facilitators and evening poetry readings – is not available to you, you might want to consider self-imposed exile.  Just don’t forget to pack your laptop (or other writing instrument of choice) but leave the page-turner at home.

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