Another Year Another List

It’s that time of the year again:

Best read – hands down Hector Tobar’s The Barbarian Nurseries if only for his portrayal of a precocious 12 year old, who reads a lot but hasn’t ventured much outside his Californian gated community.  Honourable mention goes to anything by Tim Winton.

Best movie – this one was hard to call.  True to my behind the times form, a contender was an Irish flick from 2007 called Once guy-martinabout a busker.  The music is wonderfully heartfelt without being the least bid sloppy.  In fact, what I liked about the film was its restrained poignancy.  And while I got a head-rushing kick out of Gravity, the movie that made it top of my list this year was the true life head-rush of Closer to the Edge about the Isle of Man TT motorcycle race.  I never would have thought it of myself.  And while the recklessness of it was, of course, captivating (people die, regularly, doing this thing), what made the movie was motorcyclist Guy Martin, demonstrating the wonders that emerge when “ADHD” kids are left to their own devices.

TV:  I don’t have one of these so I am hopelessly behind the times (by way of example, I am now watching season seven of The West Wing (and not enjoying the campaign trail nearly as much as the stuff in the White House)), but I did get wrapped up in the first season of Homeland (I definitely wouldn’t want to work with Carrie).  If only they had Netflix in NZ.

Theatre:  Didn’t see much this year and even less that grabbed me, but Tu by Hone Kouka (based on the Patricia Grace novel) was definitely worth the price of admission.

Happy New Year!

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