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et-tu-bruteThere’s a line right at the beginning of August: Osage County (which I absolutely loved) that put me in mind of how a line of dialogue (mainly in theatre/movies) can reveal so much about a character.  The line I have in mind is spoken by the patriarch of the house: “simple pleasures, like finding wild onions by the side of the road, or requited love.”  Perhaps I say this only with the hindsight of what follows, but ‘requited’ love has a portentous undertone. Unrequited love may be sad but one worries how requited love is actually to be repaid (and, as an aside, when was love ever simple?). Another one-liner that stands out for me in this way is when Blanche in Tennessee Williams’ Street Car Named Desire says, “when we’d run away and come back.” Anyone can talk of running away but who in the very same breath comes back?

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