Texts Away

A friend’s nephew recently had his mobile phone taken away after his mother could no longer stand its constancy in every facet of her son’s life.  His mobile phoneleaving it on the bathtub’s edge while he showered was the final straw.  It turned out he was sending about 20,000 texts per month.  That’s about 667 texts PER DAY!  Even if I or my friend or his mother have it wrong by on order of ten, that’s would still be an impressive, although not as mind-blowing, 67 texts per day (but I am assured that it is indeed 20,000).  Closer examination of the texts reveal that a great many consist of “K” and “LOL” (the longevity of this latter abbreviation is baffling to me).  All this puts me in mind of the Mark Twain quote, “I didn’t have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a longer one instead.”  Clearly this 17 year-old has all the time in the world.  No wonder his mom took his phone away.

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