The Unwanted

unwanted book 1unwanted book 3vinny-violet-coverI went to a Rotary book sale yesterday.  Imagine a gymnasium filled with rows upon rows of books of all varieties at very low prices.  Kids’ books were not quite a penny pound but at a $7 a bag stuffed to the gills, it was about as close as you’re going to get in this penny-less world.  Adult books were considerably more but only in relative terms.  In that case, the nice Rotary folk actually bothered to count the number of books in the bag.  It was all rather depressing.  I know, I know I should have been excited at the bargains, encouraged at the queue that formed before the doors were even open, at the number of people buying books by the box.  But I wasn’t.  No matter how many books people bought, the quantity didn’t seem to diminish and all I could see were all those writers’ hard work – no matter how easily dismissed as mere schlock or formulaic – sitting there unwanted.  Not even at $2 a pop.


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