Short Again

I’ve blogged before that I generally (with the exception of Alice Munro) prefer novels to short stories. The market bears me

Google "too short" and this guy's image comes up.

Google “too short” and this guy’s image comes up.

out on this. With the exception of Alice Munro (and probably only in Canada), short stories are nowhere to be found on the best sellers lists. This should surely put short story writers at a disadvantage. And certainly it does in terms of income potential, but it most definitely doesn’t when it comes to publishing and contest opportunities. The market (such as it is) abounds with these. For the obvious reason, I imagine. No one would agree to judge – and so have to read – all those unpublished and (more importantly) lengthy submissions. But the lesson here is, if you want to get an agent or publisher to take note of your novel, brush up on your short story writing skills. Although I for one am sympathetic here to Joan Barfoot’s comment on why she doesn’t blog – with only about one good idea every few years, she doesn’t want to waste it on a posting. Ditto for me on a short story.

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