And to Begin

The University of Iowa’s well known creative writers’ program is offering an online course for free. In keeping witwelcome math the behavioural standard of free things, even if money-worthy, not being valued as they should, I am weeks behind in listening to the lectures. The ones I have listened to have included a terrific one on first sentences. They are an opportunity to grab the reader by the throat, giving them no option but to read on, or to reach a hand out to them, offering to guide them on, well, if not a journey, at least story that takes them out of their own lives. So, no pressure, on the first line, eh? But I love first sentences even on their own. If they are well-crafted, I could read a whole book of them (not all at once). I’m rather pleased with the first sentences of my novels, particularly the third (which I am otherwise still working on): “There was a plan and I didn’t follow it.” Now if only I could get the rest of the novel to fall into place.

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