Proper Names

deano-say-s-who-s-your-daddy-18228cI have blogged before about Kiwi words and expressions, but this time it’s about names, people’s names. Sure they have their usual assortment of Michaels and Olivias here, and definitely the default male name of choice is David, and if it’s woman between the ages of 30 and 50, Kate or Katie is a very good bet. But there are also a bunch of names here that I, on first hearing, thought were exotic but turn out to be quite common. Ever meet a Zeb before? Must have been in New Zealand. Or, keeping with the Zs, how about Zane? Not a description or even a nickname, but the moniker of many a man. And Bevon is not a misspelling of Devon but a name in its own right. And while not exotic even in Canada, I have never met so many Brents and Bretts before (which even the locals are prone to confuse). No matter the name though, exotic or otherwise, all are prone to shortening (particularly the male ones). Anthony too much of a mouthful for you? Don’t worry, Anth will do fine. Gav for Gavin and, somehow, Baz for Barrie. But wait, you say you have a one syllable name, Dean? Not in NZ. That’s when Os are added, Deano.

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