Those Touchy Theatre Types

When my play Bangkok was performed at the National Arts Centre’s On the Verge Festival, I realized why those in theatre are so touchy.  I mean tactile rather than sensitive; although they can be that too.  I was so unreservedly thrilled with all the actors’ performances that after the show, it was work to keep my hands off of them.  I kept wanting to hug them, kiss them, ruffle their hair, or at least give them a good hearty pat on the back for bringing what had otherwise been voices in my head to much better life than I could ever have imagined. 

Of course, the flip side is also true.  There is nothing like an actor massacring your words to give rise to seriously un-neighbourly thoughts.  Directors are also at risk for having cast them in the first place.  In order to protect the guilty, I will not name the particular performance I have in mind (to be fair, it was just a reading – mind you, in front of an audience that was deciding whether to advance the play to the next stage (pun fully intended)).  But it was that performance that I have to thank for having driven me to try my hand at a novel.  I wanted a medium where I had more control.  The control is, of course, somewhat illusory, but at least I don’t have to hear what a mess someone else is making of the words.  That task is reserved strictly for me.

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