Hand me my rabbit’s foot!

Actors are a superstitious bunch.  They’re like NHL hockey players during the playoffs.  Although, shaving is normally required if one is to appear on the stage night after night, this doesn’t mean that a particular pair of socks won’t be repeatedly worn.  And a plague on any who dares mention luck before opening or, at any point, breathes the name of a certain dead Scottish king.  Even outside the theatre.  Writers are not necessarily much different: certain sweaters that must be worn, rifts of music that must be listened to, all to summon the muse or at least ward off the “block”. 

While I am not so foolish as to say Macbeth out loud on stage, I have largely managed to stay clear of falling into “good luck rituals”.  They can become debilitating.  At times due to their sheer length.  Always because a missed step can mess with your psyche.  Besides, it’s not only liberating but often necessary, given that writing is not my day job, to be able to write anywhere.  Now if I could only do it without having to win a game of solitaire first … just kidding but I do know an actor who wouldn’t go near the theatre until he had.  Not shaving would be easier.

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