Balancing Acts

So I am busy at work.  These things happen and this would be OK (within limits) if I weren’t trying to carve out time to work on my new novel, train for an Ironman – which I foolishly signed up for in a moment of weak thinking – and not totally neglect family and friends (and do the odd blog now and then).  And sure, I’ve read about those writers that get up at 4 AM and write before the rest of the household gets up, or who manage to pound out 50 pages during their commute to work, but I am not one of those people.  I like to get decent amount of sleep and I run to work (although I have read of one writer who runs with a Dictaphone (I am not the walking and chewing gum at the same time type)).  My solution has always been to be more efficient – do more in the allotted time.  But, you know, that can be kind of tiring.  So if I start sounding a bit cranky, gentle reader, you know why.

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