Who me? I’m not writing under an influence.

Someone once asked me who my “influences” were.  Perhaps it was the surprise that anyone should be asking me this but in a somewhat naïve, kneejerk fashion I replied, “No one.”  This was taken to mean (hopefully not  seriously) that I thought my writing was so unique that no one had ever seen the likes of it before.  This is not what I meant.  What I meant was that I had no idea who had influenced me.  What I meant was that I was typically so engrossed in what I was reading as to not notice (at least not consciously) influence-worthy factors.  But upon further thought, I realized that I usually knew exactly what had put me off a book I couldn’t be bothered to finish: too much exposition, too obvious, too preachy, too much repetition, too little story, to mention just some of the “toos”.  So I guess I really should say that it’s all those writers whose books I didn’t like who influenced me the most.

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