Past Perfect

Both The Janus Affair and Tumbling After are written in the present tense.  I like the immediacy of this tense – the fact that the reader gets to experience events as the character does, and that the character’s experience is not filtered through the lens of hindsight.  Plus I find writing in the past tense confusing.  The project I’m now working on (I’m still in such early stages that I find it hard to refer to it as a novel) is in the past tense and I find myself questioning just how past is past.  Just at the end of the day along the line of a daily diary?  Or with the benefit of many intervening years that inform the character’s view of distant events?  If the former, what’s the point other than a preference for a particular stylistic convention?  If the latter, I battle an inclination to reveal too much too soon and dissipate the tension.  All part of the fun of early days, I guess.

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