It’s Not Me

As I mentioned in an earlier blog, my protagonists are often female.  Sometimes their age is similar to mine; often they are much younger.  They have yet to be much older.  They sometimes live in Toronto.  Sometimes they don’t.   None of them are economists but most are professionals (unless they’re too young).  Sometimes they’re married.  Sometimes they’re not.  They’re not always Canadian.  One would think at this stage that I have not narrowed the demographic of my protagonists that much.  One would also think that female, maybe professional, maybe married, maybe living in Toronto, aged 20-40 would not strongly suggest that my protagonist is me.  Nonetheless, family and friends sometime think otherwise.  This is not because they find my characters bear a striking resemblance to me.  In fact, they may dispute my “self-characterization”.  Even so, upon reading of particular events, they will say “I never knew that happened to you!”  Because, well, it didn’t.

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