I’ve Seen That Book

I recently gave my niece my old book set of the Narnia series.  She’s a sweet kid and she very sweetly thanked me for them but couldn’t help but point – a little apologetically – that, well, she had already seen some of these books.  I panicked on her behalf.  Had seeing the movies ruined the books for her?  Or worse yet, undermined a desire to even pick up the books and give them a try?  Would she never experience the great pleasure of putting down one Narnia book and eagerly reaching for the next so that she could once again go through the wardrobe?  My panic increased.  What if she saw one of the ill-conceived Harry Potter movies before she was old enough to read the first book of the series and be enchanted rather than unenthused?  To make matters worse, I realized that she had recently watched the CBC miniseries version of Anne of Green Gables, and no matter how perfectly cast, it just wasn’t the same.  Not even close.  I have nothing against making movies out of fiction but perhaps parenting guides should warn them of the risks of early movie-version-of-the book exposure.

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