My Name is Lilla and I’m a Book Addict

Gimme GIMME a book NOW

I often say that one of the few things I’ve learned in life is to never go anywhere without a book, ‘cause life inevitable throws up tedious moments or even whole half hours, not to mention the waiting it involves.  Books can change those situations into something not only bearable, but even a nice way to have spent some time.  I was put in mind of this “rule of life” when reading William Gibson’s Zero History.  A character therein, a recovering prescription drug addict, recalls that his first way of dealing with angst was to burrow into books, hoping never to be found.  That need abated once he discovered Vicoden.  My god, I thought, was I, too, on the slippery slope to downers?  Did reading inevitably lead to drugs? …. Oh, sorry, what was the question again?  I missed it.  I had to read a book.

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