I Always Wanted to be in the Movies

I am always surprised when someone I don’t know particularly well or just met says that they have checked out my blog.  Of course, I’m thrilled that someone – anyone – is reading this but I’m not quite used to people – particularly people from my professional life – knowing something about my writing life.  As it turns out, however, based on the attentiveness with which people seem to read, they still don’t seem to know much.  People have variously commented on:

  1. My screenplays: perhaps screenplays and just plain plays are interchangeable in some people’s minds;
  2. The film version of my screenplays: yes, I too am still waiting for this to come to a theatre near me;
  3. My acting: now, I have in fact acted but not in at least 12 years and not anywhere more prestigious than a little theatre, and I’m pretty sure this is the first mention I make of this in my blog; and,
  4. My published novels and the fact that they could not be found on Amazon: this misread I am happy to overlook.  Publishers please note, should you choose to publish one of my novels I have three readers who are ready to purchase.  Four if you count my parents.

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