My 2011 Review

All the newspapers and the better magazines do it, so why not… My favourites of the year:

Favourite reads: Mr. Pip by Lloyd Jones (and not just because he’s a local); Crow Lake by Mary Lawson (and not just because she’s Canadian)

Favourite guilty pleasure read: The Passage by Justin Cronin (I also read Breaking Dawn – I’m still trying to purge it from my memory)

Favourite play: Ruined by Lynn Nottage, Nightwood and Obsidian Theatre production (perfection)

Most overrated play: Jesus Christ Superstar – sure they can sing but the occasional acting wouldn’t have hurt.  Broadway can have it.

Favourite movie:  there must be something…

Worst movie:  Drive (I wouldn’t have hated it if it didn’t purport to be something it wasn’t.  It really is just the usual bad guy, grey guy car chase movie but with way moodier lighting).

Happy New Year to you all!

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