The Etymology of Spam

After being away for a couple of weeks, I finally managed to find time to log into my blog account only to be faced with 363 spam emails.  Yes, 363, that’s 19 pages worth.  Which got me thinking why spam was called spam.  According to Wikipedia, it is named after the American luncheon meat Spam (is that stuff even produced any longer?) by way of a Monty Python sketch in which Spam is included in almost every dish.  That is simply terrific.  Who first thought of that and how did it catch on and stick so effectively?  And I especially love that spam – the email variety – would be named after a canned precooked meat (whose name comes from spiced ham) that is American but that I am convinced only the English recall.  It was shipped there by the Americans during the war.  In fact, I know the odd Englishman who still refers to our American cousins as Spam.

And just so that you can all enjoy some of my 363 items of spam, here are some gems:

“All of our motherland is thinking, do Vancouver Canucks Jerseys never think you should think, it’s just several things.”

“The earliest ice-cubes hockey is a fantastic age group”

“Male girls and boys found out that divorce lawyers atlanta bet on your National basketball association gamers the best fun”

I can sympathize with the spammer who laments, “im stuck i really dont understand how i go about how to stop comments on my page like this”.

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