It Does All Mean Something!

Gotta love anything with Sean Bean in it.

I was once in a play (Reckless by Craig Lucas) where the main character struggles with whether “things happen for a reason”.  She finally comes around to the decision that they do, despite grappling with such vagaries as her husband taking a contract out on her life for being too perky.  Despite playing this character, I have my doubts.  I along with many others suspect that life consists of a lot of random shit, rendering it not pointless but perhaps meaningless.  This, I think, is part of the reason why books (and TV series) like Game of Thrones are such hits (apart from the scantily clad women and the valiant men who are true to their word).  Sure bad things happen to good and innocent people, but when they do, a crow pecks out a third eye (figuratively) and you know the precipitous fall was not all for nought (even if you don’t find out why until books later).  We can take comfort in that.

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