If You’re Happy…

Hand me pen and paper, I'm happy!

If you’re happy (and you know it) do you write more?  This was (essentially) the question that was posed to a group of writers (don’t ask me who since the forum was ages ago).  The interviewer’s bias was clearly that it was more likely that it was the unhappy who wrote: perhaps not commercial, formulaic, genre fiction, but the kind of fiction that was, you know, more than just cheap entertainment.  The interviewer’s bias largely seemed to be borne out by that group of authors – to be truly inspired, you had to be down in the dumps.  I find that unfathomable.  Sure maybe a little sadness, a tinge of nostalgia, a smidgen of sentiment are all good for setting you on the road, but I can’t imagine writing if I were truly down.  I would struggle to get out of bed.  It all puts me in mind of a quote from Bertrand Russell, “Men who are unhappy, like men who sleep badly, are always proud of the fact.”  I did pose this same question to the writers in my writers group and they all uniformly answered the same way: “I write when I am sufficiently disciplined to sit down and just do it.”

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