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Alice Munro - Great Canadian Novelist

Shortly after having blogged so disparagingly about Jonathan Franzen’s latest novel, I read a review of his recent non-fiction book, Farther Away: Essays, in The Economist.  It made me want to rush out and read more Franzen.  It wasn’t so much that the review was favourable, the essay topics seemingly ranging and far-reaching, with one noting that “each of us is stranded on his or her own existential island” (note the gender inclusive language), or finding out he was friends and rivals with David Foster Wallace (whom I am glad I have read but not sure I can bring myself to re-read).  It was that the review noted that he wasn’t a very good book reviewer: “On a Alice Munro book [Franzen writes]: “Basically, ‘Runaway’ is so good that I don’t want to talk about it here.  Quotation can’t do the book justice, and neither can synopsis.  The way to do it justice is to read it.”” Anyone who likes Alice Munro’s work that much can’t be bad.  If I don’t end up reading Farther Away, I will certainly be re-reading Runaway.

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