I’ve blogged before about quotations and how they can be touchstones of wisdom or at least impetus for thought.  In part, I think because they are not encumbered by a lot of verbiage.  Standing on their own, they challenge you to think.  There is one I recently came across that I particularly like in that way.  Logan Pearsall Smith wrote, “We need new friends.  Some of us are cannibals who have eaten their old friends up; others must have ever-renewed audiences before whom to re-enact an ideal version of their lives.”  I had never heard of Logan Pearsall Smith before this.  Turns out he was an American essayist (1865-1946), an authority on 17th century divines and the correct use of English.  I wonder if he felt as if his friends had eaten him up or he had eaten them up.  I suspect the former.

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