Game Face – My Questions Answered

Let the speculation end, here are the answers to the Game Face questions straight from the author’s mouth (although, of course, at least one of the questions was a “what do you think…” and I couldn’t possibly know what you think, so no insights there).  And, not surprisingly, the answer is “I don’t know.”  I never know what the “theme” might be before I start writing something and prefer not to figure it out while writing it.  The few times I have, the writing has tended to become pedantic, forced, preachy and generally pretty terrible.  But I do sometimes get a kick out of realizing after the fact what was subconsciously going through my head.  This time I think it was – and this is a bit of a regular thing with me – that we suck at knowing what’s going on in other people’s heads.  Or at the very least we tend to see it through the very strong filter of what’s going on in our own heads.  So, in terms of who the dreamer is, I would like to think it could be either Travis or Andi.

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