Somebody’s Husband

For some reason, a picture of Sigorney Weaver seemed appropriate.

Looking at the books displayed in the window of a used bookstore the other day, I was struck with how many titles refer to women in relation to the men in their lives.  The offending title in this particular instance was The Martian’s Daughter (which is not, it turns out, science fiction but the autobiography of John von Neumann’s daughter – go figure).  It put me in mind of finding out how many books are entitled “somebody or another’s wife” (I will have to leave “somebody or another’s daughter” for some other time).  The results are hardly scientific: I put “wife” into’s search and came up with 10 books in the first six pages of results.  The titles ranged from The Astronaut’s Wife to Death of the Couch Potato’s Wife (really, the woman dies and she still gets second billing to a couch potato).  I conducted this same test on the word “husband” and did not come up with ANY such titles, even after pressing on to page eight.  It’s enough to put me in mind of writing something entitled The Amazon’s Husband or, better yet, drop the husband and just write about the Amazon.

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