PC, Please!

Check her out! Doesn’t she look like Katie Holmes?

A few weeks back I saw a production of Arthur Miller’s All My Sons.  I’ve seen Death of a Salesman a couple of times, which is one of my favourites.  All My Sons is not, I don’t think, of the same calibre but it does have some lovely moments in the writing.  In particular, the point where the main character says the line of the play and the double-entendre of the phrase is made clear (a moment that was nicely underplayed in the production I saw).  But one of the more striking things about the play were all the seemingly innocuous things the male characters said that made me cringe.  Did fathers really talk about the little, next door neighbour girl growing up to be such a hottie in quite that way?  Perhaps they still do, which is cringe worthy itself, but surely not in mixed company or at least not when it’s your son’s fiancée?  Right?  Right?  It all makes me have a much greater appreciation for the politically correct movement.

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