A Book by Any Other Name

Like the cover on this one too

We all know we can’t judge by its cover (although we inevitably do) but what about its title?  There are some titles that I absolutely love and was convinced on their basis alone that I would like the stuff in between the covers as well.  The one that comes immediately to mind is actually a play – The Designated Mourner by Wallace Shawn – and the one comes to mind after that is non-fiction – Don’t Let’s Go to the Dogs Tonight by Alexandra Fuller.  Since both of these are out of keeping from my usual choices, I wonder if I was unduly influenced by the words on the cover.  But titles can conjure up a whole world, fully created and ready for perusal and that can go a long way to putting you down the road to being immersed before even opening the pages.  This can’t be said for the title that made the number one spot on Listopia’s best book titles: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.  Really, since Listopia is based on your (and our) votes, it’s enough to make one despair in democracy.

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