The End Ruined It for Me

Should I or shouldn’t I? I think I will.

If a good end can save a book or movie, can a bad one ruin an otherwise perfectly good read or watch?  Legions of fans bemoan the end of Blade Runner in the theatrical version, providing the director an excuse to “save” the movie with the director’s cut.  Personally, I think it was a marketing ploy.  Really, the movie was largely the same, except for, well, the end.  But I guess that’s the point.  For me a bad end can confirm a mediocre read as a bad choice but if I otherwise enjoyed the book, a disappointing end rarely does more than that – disappoint.  The Hunger Games is a case in point.  (WARNING – I do not divulge anything specific hereafter about the end of the three book series but I do elude to the spirit of the end.  If you are the type of reader for whom this is enough to ruin the read, read no further.  You’ve been warned!)  The world created by the author is one populated by untrustworthy megalomaniacs, corrupting and manipulating systems to their own ends.  The heroine is a rebel, recklessly slashing out.  And sure, great she finds some maturity but does it have to come with a white-picket fence?  Katniss was a hero I thought would continue to fight the good fight no matter how reluctantly because there is always another despot around the corner and there is never any rest for the wicked.  Instead, I got happily ever after.  Boo.

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