Thoroughly Modern

This past week I experienced an information age rite of passage: my blog was attacked by a virus infected plugin.  Now this was a drag because I couldn’t update you, my diligent readers, and because I was faced with 326 pieces of spam once I was finally able to log in.  The upside though – and there is one – is that it makes me feel like an active participant in the modern age.  This is not the first time this has happened.  Memorable moments include my first email in about 1992.  My first internet search in about 1994.  My first iPod and my first Blackberry (which I lose on Thursday in favour of a touch-screen phone, which does not feel like a ‘step-change’ (bring back buttons, I say)).  But, of course, since technology is always changing, so must my experience of it, which is why I was receptive to the attack.  To mark the moment, I watched Gangnam Style.  Now I just have to end a relationship via text and I’ll have truly arrived (for now).

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