Retract Retract

In case the connection isn’t clear, it’s the retractable roof.

I will not, as indicated last week, post another ultra-short story because upon further research (which I really should have done earlier) found that such posting … wait for it … qualify as publication.  This thus disqualifies them from many contests and journals.  This, of course, caused me to Google what is normally meant by publication.  According to the Berne Convention – and you know the Swiss rarely get these things wrong – it is to make content available to the general public.  So there it is, I am way more published than I realized.  I’ve already noted the downside of this.  Is the upside that a publisher will now be more willing to consider my submissions due to my extensive publishing record?  For some reason I think not.  Next week, back to regular programming.

In other news, my play Bangkok was accepted for production at a local Wellington theatre!  But in one those classic one-hand-giveth-the-other-hand-taketh scenarios the theatre space may be shut down for … wait for it … earthquake strengthening.  Final engineering report due this Friday.  Fingers crossed.

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