Short, Fast and Convenient

I recently heard an off-road, ultra-run winner’s acceptance speech.  He commended his fellow runners for “doing the inconvenient and in a world of convenient, the uncomfortable in a world of comfortable, the slow in a world of instant.”  You get the idea.  It put me in mind of a fabulous play called Cul-de-sac, a da da kamera production of the collaborative work of playwright Daniel MacIvor and director Daniel Brooks.  It features the inhabitants of a dead end street (all brilliantly played by MacIvor in the version I saw), including a crotchety old war veteran.  The veteran speaks of writing a letter to his wife while overseas, telling her he loved her and missed her, and that remained true when he addressed the letter and walked to the post office to mail it, continued to be true while it took the slow trip over the Atlantic, and was still true when she opened it three months later.  This then put me in mind of Marshall McLuhan (another Canadian) who, of course, famously said “the medium is the message”.  So what does that say about text?

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