The Janus Affair


Janus, two-faced Roman god

Janus, two-faced Roman god

Janice’s husband, Ric, has disappeared.  He’s officially a missing person but that would suggest she misses him, and she doesn’t.  Not officially. “Did you ever suspect your husband of leading a double life?” the detective asks, undermining Janice’s hope of ignoring Ric’s desertion and retreating into her home. Surely the Ric she married wouldn’t have left her confronting belligerent police and newspapers full of pictures of him with that young hottie, the former prime minister’s daughter, whose own disappearance coincides awkwardly with Ric’s.

When the extravagant home Janice never even wanted turns out to belong not to her but Ric’s former fiancée, Justine, the two women, shrewdly practiced in avoiding each other, find their lives linked in ways they never suspected. 

Set in the world of corporate takeovers, million-dollar neighbourhoods, and exclusive clubs, The Janus Affair is a page-turning look at deceit, identity, and disappearing acts through the eyes of two smart, accomplished women who quickly learn that sometimes two different takes on the same man still doesn’t resemble the truth.

“… wonderfully witty, crisp and clever – sardonic without any lapses into the bitter. It’s easy, swift reading, but is by no means mere froth. In the end it seems to me to accomplish some profound illuminations in a deliciously light-fingered way – a most difficult achievement, done well.”

Joan Barfoot