Tumbling After

Jack and Jill

and Jill came tumbling after

Thirty is the new forty, only with fewer options, and after one terrible day in court, Bobbie’s options are reduced to joining a team defending a dirty old man against a sexual assault he very likely committed or defaulting on her mortgage.  Unsure who she can trust, Bobbie builds an unlikely alliance with the very lawyer who put her career in jeopardy, a man used to playing loose with the rules.  The more they pry, the more layers of corruption, greed and deceit they reveal, but Bobbie has her own secrets, driving her to make decisions she never thought herself capable of.  Tumbling After is a fast-paced, plot-twisted look at the limits to compromise.

“ … crisp and realistic dialogue … a plot-line that is full of twists, surprises and gob-smacks. Tumbling After has the readability of an espionage novel or detective story, and part of my pleasure in working with Lilla over the course of the correspondence was in the expectation of new pages, wondering what, exactly, might happen next. As well, the protagonist, Bobbie, possesses a unique perspective and voice. Her thoughts and reflections augment and inform the story, raising it to a high literary level.”

Paul Quarrington