Deceit and Disappearing Acts

The Janus Affair is now available: buy it here on Kobo and here on Amazon.

Check out my reading of the first chapter at the Hong Kong book launch here.

Janice’s husband, Ric, has gone missing.
The police are at Janice’s door, and so is the media. Pictures of Ric and the seductive but unstable daughter of the prime minister have hit the news.
“Have you ever suspected your husband of leading a double life?” asks the detective.
To make matters worse, Ric’s former fiancée, Justine, is alluding to even more secrets.
Two women, practiced in avoiding each other, find their lives interwoven as they both try to find out what happened to Ric. But sometimes even two perspectives on the same man don’t add up to the truth.

“...wonderfully witty, crisp and clever–sardonic without any lapses into the bitter. It’s easy, swift reading, but it is by no means mere froth. In the end it seems to me to accomplish some profound illuminations in a deliciously light-fingered way – a most difficult achievement, done well.”
Joan Barfoot, award-winning author of 11 novels.