“ … very clever … wonderful dialogue … hits all the points – originality, stageability...”
Juror, Canadian National Playwriting Competition

Western Europe and Africa

The Bigger World, a play in two acts, is set around the adventures of six North Americans of various ages and backgrounds who come to an unnamed East European country shortly after the fall of the communist block. They range from White, a successful businessman in his fifties looking for a killer deal in virgin territory, to Alex, a disenfranchised young man from the American west, compelled to go east not being able to find work and satisfaction at home. In creating mini-cosmos, self-inclusive systems that simulate their own homes, each subtly influences the life of they other, but they cannot completely their foreign environments, unconsciously wreaking havoc in their wakes.

Finalist in the 11th Annual Canadian National Playwriting Competition

Productions:  Groundswell Festival, Nightwood Theatre, Toronto